All sessions with children are in-person sessions.


Music Therapy

15 - 45 minute session

R170 - R510*

During an individual session, I focus on providing a personal one-on-one experience during which we work towards better self-regulation, expression and more. Music therapy with children can work towards achieving emotional, mental and physical goals. Below are but a few examples of such goals.
Emotional goals
  • Self-regulation when emotions arise
  • Better understanding and expressing emotions
  • Working towards better self-esteem
  • Processing trauma, loss and more

Mental goals

  • Memory and concentration improvement
  • Self-regulation when overstimulated
  • Speech improvement through singing

Physical goals

  • Fine motor skills improvement
  • Gross motor skills improvement
  • Crossing midline in order to stimulate brain development
  • Improving muscle movement and range of motion


The recommended time commitment may vary depending on your child’s needs and the reasons for seeking therapy. Music therapy can often be an excellent addition to occupational, speech or physical therapy. I work within the context of the team and will always try and integrate the work of other therapists.


Adapted Music Lessons

15 - 45 minute lesson

R120 - R390*

Often children with special needs require a different approach to music tuition. During the adapted music lessons I apply my music therapy knowledge to the lessons. The main goal of the lessons still remain learning to play an instrument. I offer adapted music lessons on the following instruments:
  • Singing
  • Piano
  • Guitar

These lessons take place both during school hours at specific schools or as an extra mural at my practice.