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Individual Sessions

60 minute / 90 minute sessions

R670 - R1050*

During an individual session, I focus on providing a personal one-on-one experience during which we explore and develop various tools, methods, and skills for you to navigate your present struggles, circumstances, and general day-to-day life. Together we work towards better understanding the self, how you interact with the world, and the reasoning behind your actions.
Some goals might include strengthening your sense of self, self-regulation, emotional understanding, self-compassion, and more. The recommended time commitment may vary depending on your needs and reasons for seeking support. Thereby, allowing sufficient time for personal integration and change.


GIM Sessions

90 min / 120 min

R1050 - R1320*

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (also known as GIM) is a powerful music-centred form of therapy, where relaxation techniques and well-researched GIM Music Programs are used to facilitate access to deeper levels of consciousness.. GIM is usually a good fit for adult clients with well-developed, stable ego strength and are capable of abstract thinking. GIM can benefit clients who are:
  • experiencing difficult emotions, such as anxiety, rage, grief, and pain
  • struggling with childhood losses and pain as adults
  • dealing from mental health difficulties
  • experiencing physiological challenges related to stress, burnout, pain management, terminal illness, etc.
  • in the process of making big life decisions and transitions
  • seeking personal/creative growth and development
*Due to still completing the final stages of my GIM, training I am receiving continued guidance from a seasoned GIM practitioner. Sessions are peer reviewed and charged at reduced rates.


Group Sessions

Sounding your Soul

R250 per person*

The intention behind these monthly sessions is to create the opportunity for people to experience a judgement free space that encourages exploration, connection and enjoyment through collective music making. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched an instrument or whether you’re an experienced musician, there are no expectations.
The aim is to have fun, let go and enjoy each other’s music. When last have you done anything just to have fun? No hidden “goals”, no ulterior motives.

First Wednesday of each month at Equanimity Wellness Centre from 18:00-19:30.

*It should be noted that this practice is a cash practice. The person responsible for the account is liable for the amount payable after each session. If they wish to claim back from their medical aid, we are happy to assist and provide the necessary documentation (it should be noted that limited medical aids cover music therapy services – feel free to contact me for more information). Fees are payable immediately after each consultation, without exception.

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so if appointments are not cancelled 24 hours before hand, the full tariff will unfortunately be charged.