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Individual Session

60 minute / 90 minute sessions

R670 - R1050*

Many adolescents are struggling with anxiety and depression at the moment. During the music therapy sessions we explore their feelings, their experiences and how to best create healthy coping strategies. Being able to express themselves through music, art and other creative modalities offer the opportunity to be heard and understood without needing to perfectly articulate themselves.
Some goals might include strengthening their sense of self, self-regulation, emotional understanding, self-compassion, and more. The recommended time commitment may vary depending on your needs and reasons for seeking support. Thereby, allowing sufficient time for personal integration and change.

*It should be noted that this practice is a cash practice. The person responsible for the account is liable for the amount payable after each session. If they wish to claim back from their medical aid, we are happy to assist and provide the necessary documentation (it should to be noted that limited medical aids cover music therapy services – feel free to contact me for more information). Fees are payable immediately after each consultation, without exception.


I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so if appointments are not cancelled 24 hours before hand, the full tariff will unfortunately be charged.should