Is Therapy for me?

If you are asking this question, the answer is most definitely yes. Not because you “need” it, but because you are most likely open to the gifts it might bring. Even in today’s day and age “you should go to therapy” is still often used as an insult, we shy away from even sharing if we do go to therapy.

Music Therapy centered around voicework to offer opportunity for connection

“The experience of being literally heard and understood deeply, in some personally vital sphere, has its own kind of impact – whether of relief, of something at last making sense, a feeling or inner connection or somehow being less alone or of some other easing or enhancing quality” – Barrett-Lennard

How Humming Helps

How Humming Helps Have you ever caught yourself humming along to music on the radio, or when a song pops into your head? Humming is one of the most natural sounds the voice can make. I have never heard someone say, “I can’t hum well” or “wow you have a really good humming voice”. However, […]